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More Hallmark Homecare for the Sunshine State

Hallmark Homecare Welcomes Franchise Partners in St. Petersburg, FL   Hallmark Homecare is a home-based business with a fast ramp-up and low overhead costs. But the focus to provide care and comfort to people in their community, was the initial attraction for Jennifer Sine and Rob Stettler when exploring multiple franchise opportunities. As new Hallmark…
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Hallmark Homecare Expands in the Lone Star State

New Franchise Partners Align with Hallmark Homecare Values to Make a Difference   With a passion to serve those that are most vulnerable, our seniors, Emile and Kia Lumas decided to align their mission with that of Hallmark Homecare. They will launch their franchise business in two territories in the Dallas Fort Worth, TX area.…
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Keeping our Aging Loved Ones Comfortable in the Summer: A Caregiver’s Guide

Summer brings warm weather and longer days, offering opportunities for outdoor activities and family gatherings. However, it also brings potential risks, such as heat exhaustion and dehydration. Ensuring the comfort and safety of aging adults during the summer months is paramount. Here are some practical tips to help you keep your loved ones comfortable and…
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Hallmark Homecare Comes to the Great Lake State

First-Time Business Owner Aims to Make a Difference in His Michigan Communities   Tyler Seman has joined the Hallmark Homecare franchise family to launch his business in the Bloomfield, MI area. As a CPA with an MBA, he closely evaluated the investment and immediately embraced the priority of relationships from the start of his journey.…
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First Hallmark Homecare Franchise Partner in The Bluegrass State

Franchise Partner Recognizes Hallmark as a Profitable and Sustainable Franchise Investment   Self-described as a lifelong learner who values building relationships and making a difference, Shane Sparks has joined the Hallmark Homecare franchise family to pair a business opportunity with the high-value benefit to impact the lives of both families and their caregivers. Shane has…
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Hallmark Homecare Comes to Chapel Hill, NC

The Tar Heel State Welcomes Another Hallmark Homecare Franchise Partner   Tim Leow has joined the Hallmark Homecare franchise family to launch his business in the Chapel Hill, NC area, investing in three territories. With a strong desire to give back to the community, Tim’s background in business building early-stage corporate brands while scaling revenue…
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Hallmark Homecare Expands in Virginia

First-Time Business Owner Recognizes the Difference-Making Opportunity with Hallmark Homecare Model   With a proven track record spanning over two decades of domestic and international leadership experience for government services, Robert Pattison has decided to focus his efforts on making a difference in his local communities through Hallmark Homecare. He recently joined the Hallmark Homecare…
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Understanding and Managing Seasonal Allergies in Aging Adults

Seasonal allergies, often referred to as hay fever, affect millions of people each year. However, managing these allergies in elderly adults can present unique challenges. As we age, our immune system becomes less robust, which can change how our bodies react to allergens. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide on understanding and…
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Hallmark Homecare is now in The Badger State

New Franchise Partners are Bringing Hallmark Homecare to Wisconsin   Lane and Shannon Peters have a special heart towards the aging community and are now launching Hallmark Homecare to make a difference in their Onalaska, WI area communities. They plan on working as a partnership in their Hallmark Homecare franchise, to add to their existing…
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Team Keith

The Lone Star State Welcomes More Hallmark Homecare Franchisees

Partners in Life are now Partners in Business   Charles and Virgina Keith recently became Hallmark Homecare franchise partners in the big state of Texas. While they’ve had real estate investments previously, Hallmark will be their first official “business” to own and operate together, and they are eager to make a difference in the lives…
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