Hire a Private Caregiver to Provide Outstanding In Home Care for a Lot Less!

Hire a Private Caregiver to Provide Outstanding In Home Care for a Lot Less!



We Are In-Home Senior Care Headhunters

With our caregiver direct placement model, you maintain control, save money, and receive the highest quality care!

Save 30% to 50% on Homecare!




We’ll find you highly-trained, experienced, independent caregivers perfect for your needs.

Join our registry of professional, independent caregivers.  We’ll place you with the perfect family.



A New Model for a New Time

Why Hallmark Homecare is BETTER than hiring a Home Care Agency for many families





Increased regulation, escalating costs, improvements in technology, access to better services, and  a new cultural mindset have all come together to make it more advantageous, in most cases, to cut out the “middle-man” and hire senior care directly through private caregivers.  Advantages include:

More control: You get to make the decisions!

More availability: We have lots of caregivers ready to work

Higher quality caregivers

Ability to staff tougher cases: Longer hours, more medical needs

Happier caregivers who earn more and have more stability

Less expense: In most cases, you will spend 30% to 50% less!

Our Simple 4-Step Process:

Contact Us

Begin the process of hiring private caregivers by getting in touch with us through our website, phone or e-mail. Our staff is ready to help with all of your senior care needs!

Care Consultation

We conduct an in-depth consultation to learn more about you or your loved one’s care needs. The result is an extensive Ideal Caregiver Profile.     

Match & Interview

Using your Ideal Caregiver Profile, we conduct a search and connect you with the best matches. You meet handpicked private caregivers until you find the right one(s).

Select & Hire

We facilitate a “direct hire” relationship between you and your private caregiver(s) by giving you the necessary  tools, forms, procedures, knowledge, coaching, and support.

    What About Safety?

One of the selling points that traditional home care agencies use is the claim that it’s safer to hire them because they do background checks, conduct training, and cover their caregivers with insurance.  But even when all these things are true, we are just as safe, if not more.

Here’s how we ensure your safety:

Criminal Background Checks

We run full criminal background checks on every independent or private caregiver we place.

Credential and Employment History Verification

Part of our background check includes a check to ensure that private caregivers have the legal right to work and, when necessary, it also includes a full credential check and employment history.

Drug Screening

We can do extensive drug screening when needed.

Credentials and Experience

We make sure that all independent caregivers we place have extensive training and experience.  In fact, we only place private caregivers with verified credentials, like RN, LVN, LPN, CNA, CCA, or other such credentials.

Liability Insurance

We cover our placements with liability insurance and occupational accident insurance.  We also show you how to ensure that your homeowner’s insurance covers you as well.

Payroll and Taxes

We ensure that all placements are legal and compliant with employment laws.  To do so, we help you to get set up with a third-party service that handles all of the payroll and applicable employment taxes for the private caregiver(s) you hire.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Act Now and Take Control of Your Care!


“The caregiver’s dedication to taking care of my husband has allowed me to continue to my work in our family business. Hallmark Homecare has enabled us to stay together in our home where we both want to be.”- Carol C

“I am grateful to have made the connection with Hallmark Homecare. Hallmark has given me quality care for my mother at an affordable price. My mother loves her private caregiver, Liza, and I have new peace of mind.”-Jim B

Hallmark Homecare provided excellent care for my husband. I was very pleased with their services.  I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends who are in need of in-home care for their loved ones.” – Margaret C.