Meet Another One of Hallmark Homecare’s Expert Recruiters

Jun 19, 2023 / • HHC News & PR

Rowena is one of Hallmark’s experienced Recruiters. She immigrated to the United States in November 1996. She is a devoted mother to two sons and one daughter, and she has two beloved dogs. Creativity runs deep in her family as they are blessed with gifted artists. With a decade of experience in the senior care industry, she is well-versed in providing assistance to the elderly. Prior to joining Hallmark, Rowena owned a home care agency. For the past four years, Rowena has been an asset to the Hallmark team.

Rowena’s colleagues at Hallmark rely on her for a variety of reasons. She possesses innovative technological skills that benefit the entire team. Her creative problem-solving abilities, honed from her previous role as an event planner and coordinator, are key assets in her role.

Known for her strong work ethic, Rowena is the first to arrive at work in the mornings. She thrives on accomplishing tasks efficiently and meeting deadlines promptly. A goal-oriented individual with a keen eye for detail, she is also a perfectionist who consistently delivers high-quality work. Her reliability, leadership qualities, and positive outlook contribute to a harmonious work environment.

Rowena’s journey has shaped her into a resilient and hardworking person. With her wealth of experience, dedication to her family, and valuable skills, she is a valued member of the Hallmark team, making a significant impact in both her personal and professional endeavors.