Franchisee Spotlight: Jason & Alison Invest in Hallmark Homecare

Jun 26, 2023 / • Franchise Success

It’s time to put the spotlight on our franchisees! After all, 2023 is All About the Zee! We can’t wait to dedicate blogs that highlight our franchisees – how they decided on their brand, where they started and where they grew to, all showcasing how our best-in-class brands here in the FastLane are experiencing responsible accelerated growth with their franchisees.


Our first franchisee profile features Jason and Alison Jarrett, franchise owners with Hallmark Homecare in Jacksonville, Florida. As franchise owners, they’ve established a thriving operation and we’d like to share their story with you. This dynamic husband-wife duo exemplifies the ideals of building a strong business.


Hallmark Homecare is a referral agency for caregiver recruitment and client matchmaking, the e-harmony of homecare! Due to their success, we asked Alison and Jason to share their entrepreneurial adventure in their own words.


How Did You Come to be Hallmark Homecare Franchisees?


“Jason and I both come from healthcare staffing backgrounds. In our previous careers, we both took note of the increasing need for qualified caregivers to serve the rapidly growing senior population in the U.S. Additionally, we witnessed another meaningful trend. Especially since the pandemic, many seniors are preferring to age in place in the comfort of their own home. Knowing these market factors, we were looking to start a business of our own that might solve these challenges. Once we investigated Hallmark Homecare’s innovative business model, it made joining their franchise family one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made!”


Tell Us About the Discovery Process. What Attracted You to Hallmark Homecare?


“Close friends of ours had previously worked with a franchise consultant and referred us to him to talk about starting a business of our own. We were immediately impressed with his guidance, as he really took the time to get to know us before helping us look at different franchise opportunities that matched up well with our backgrounds and lifestyle. After presenting us with a few concepts that aligned with our goals, we quickly narrowed down the list to Hallmark Homecare, which seemed to be a perfect fit for both of us. He then connected us with the Franchise FastLane team, who were amazing to work with throughout the entire process. They made the introduction and transition to the Hallmark leadership team a seamless process. Franchise FastLane execs coordinated our meetings with the Hallmark leadership team, as well as other franchisees in the system. Together, they made sure all of our questions were answered. After this education, we felt extremely well-informed and confident about the journey ahead of us.”


How Does Hallmark Homecare Support You Both as Franchisees?


“For us, it’s obvious that the Hallmark Homecare corporate team is fully committed to the success of their franchisees. Once we received our first referral, we felt so supported by the corporate team – everything from recruiting to working with the client. We were just so impressed with their ability to jump in quickly and help us get the ball rolling.”


What Excites You as Hallmark Homecare Franchisees? What Purpose Does it Bring You?


“When it comes to defining the purpose we serve, it’s a simple and straightforward proposition. As a Hallmark Homecare franchisee, you’re part of the solution in addressing the caregiver shortage and the ability to provide quality home care options for our senior clients and their families. As franchisees, we feel so fortunate to have such a great responsibility and purpose in offering seniors the opportunity to receive in-home care – and all of it provided on their own terms.”


Tell Us About a Memorable Moment for You as Hallmark Homecare Owners


“I think what stands out to us the most is how quickly we felt like we were joining a family that was clearly committed to our success. The Franchise FastLane team facilitated multiple meetings with Hallmark franchisees and their executive team, and every meeting we had reinforced our decision that we were joining the right team. During the very first meeting with had with Hallmark’s CEO, Steve Everhart, it was apparent to us that he wasn’t doing this for the money. We could tell that he truly cared about Hallmark’s mission and the success of their franchisees in the system. He’s built an amazing leadership team to support his vision, helping to make Hallmark an industry leader in Homecare.”


Hallmark Homecare is “not your mama’s homecare,” but it should be! If you’re interested in exploring the franchising opportunities with Hallmark Homecare, visit our Hallmark Homecare brand page on our website.


What makes the Hallmark Homecare franchise opportunity standout?

  • The disruptive business model
  • It is an affordable, home-based business, with a fast ramp-up
  • Territories are available in all major U.S. markets
  • Market demand is expected to outpace supply for years to come
  • It is ideal for those who want to be business owners and make a difference in the lives of others


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By Sara Tefft – Franchise Fastlane