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Top 10 Signs Your Parent or Loved One May Need Caregiver Assistance

What are some signs that your loved one may be becoming more vulnerable and requires more assistance? Here are the top 10 things to look for: Safety concerns: Falls or near falls are the most serious warning sign. Watch for bruises or other signs, since seniors might be too embarrassed to share the occurrence with…
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Creating a Safe & Comfortable Home Environment for Aging Parents

As our parents age, it is essential to ensure that their living spaces are safe, comfortable, and supportive of their changing needs. Here are some tips to help create a safe and comfortable home environment for aging parents:   Reduce tripping hazards: Remove tripping hazards such as throw rugs, electrical cords, and clutter. Install handrails…
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Tips for Organizing Health Information

A trip to the emergency room made me realize why caregivers are advised to organize heath information. When Mom broke her hip, I called an ambulance. When it arrived, I confidently recited Mom’s Medicare number. When asked what medications she took, I pulled out our basket of pill bottles. At the hospital, the questions got…
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