A Spotlight on Mac – Hallmark’s Superstar Office Assistant

Sep 18, 2023 / • HHC News & PR

Marco “Mac” is Hallmark’s virtual office assistantLocated in the PhilippinesMac operates in a time zone a full 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Timeoften earning him the playful moniker that he’s “from the future”. Mac plays an important role in supporting our team, working behind the scenes on a myriad of tasks. From compiling content for newsletters, to aiding in the creation of social media content, managing lists and reports, to facilitating registrations and surveys – Mac is a Swiss Army knife of assistance to the team.


In his downtime, Mac dedicates himself to expanding his knowledge in Real Estate Management through college courses. Yet, beyond his professional skills, he possesses a whole other facet of his multifaceted persona. Mac is a talented dancer and singer, and on Monday morning, he’s been known to casually mention that he won a competition over the weekend. His dance repertoire spans contemporary, jazz, modern hip-hop, ballroom, and folk, revealing an on-stage persona vastly different from the soft-spoken and endearing person we engage with daily.


Mac‘s talents extend even further ahe assumes the roleof event coordinator/planner, makeup artist, and event host, demonstrating versatility that leaves our team in awe. We eagerly anticipate glimpses of Mac in his artistic element, exchanging pictures and videos that never fail to amaze us. Teasing him, we joke that it hardly seems fair for one person to possess such a wealth of talents and perhaps he should consider sharing them more generously.


But what truly sets Mac apart is his willingness to lend a hand, accompanied by a warm smile. Our team relies on Mac to help Hallmark’s operations, and he embraces this responsibility with an abundance of positivity and kindness.