Ways to Celebrate the Outdoors with your Elderly Loved One

Ways to Celebrate the Outdoors with your Elderly Loved One

Have a picnic
Whether you eat indoors at home or outdoors at a park, having a picnic meal is a lovely activity. Active older adults can help with the preparation too. Part of the fun can be planning the meal together. Think about traditional picnic foods like sandwiches or wraps, coleslaw, macaroni or potato salad, cookies and lemonade. What is your loved one craving? What were their favorites as a child? You could even invite family and friends and turn it into a festive potluck or barbecue. Reminisce about summer in the younger years and favorite memories and activities.

Visit a farmer’s market
Ah, fresh produce and flowers! Leisurely strolling (or being wheeled) around a farmer’s market is a perfect activity for seniors. There’s so much to see and sample. Plus, they can take home fresh veggies for a healthy meal and beautiful flowers for the table. Beauty, wonderful smells plus healthy food options are a bonus.

Take a nature walk
Take a walk through the neighborhood, go to the park, or visit a garden center. For those who are less mobile, sitting in the backyard on the porch or near a window is also nice. What hidden gems do you have in your area?

Bring nature indoors
Summer means plants and flowers. Bring the beautify of nature inside by getting an easy-to-care-for plant, a fragrant potted herb like lavender, or some colorful freshly cut flowers. There are also lovely faux flower options to brighten up a room long-term.

Bird watch
A sure sign of summer are birds chirping outside. Attract even more to your window by putting up a bird feeder. Listen to their cheery songs as you sip your morning coffee and visit with your loved one.

Do some summer cleaning
Chances are, your loved one can stand to get rid of a few things around the house. Warm months are perfect times to get rid of some of the clutter. It’s also a perfect opportunity to go through keepsakes and share special memories. If your loved one has so many areas that need decluttering or organization, just start with one spot… a drawer or a small area. You might find more momentum as you go, bit by bit.